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ProTeen was envisioned and founded by UNIDEL as an integrated digital academic & career guidance platform to guide students through the process of identifying their true strengths and interests, making smart academic and career decisions, and enabling skill development required for 21st-century employment. As a leading global digitally-enabled career guidance platform, we provide solutions designed to strengthen all dimensions of awareness crucial to picking an integrated academic and career path.

What sets ProTeen apart is its robust technology and the science behind the product. The platform draws inspiration from the leading global body of research in cognitive psychology, development psychology, and occupational themes, and most importantly, Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. All this while taking a fresh approach to standard psychometric assessments in use today.

This is achieved through ProTeen’s proprietary 3D Awareness Engine combined with career counselling by ProTeen’s trained Career Experts. Designed for both high school and college students, ProTeen provides a scientific, holistic, and experiential approach to making smart career decisions in the 21st century. ProTeen is a leading platform having empowered thousands of students, academic institutions and counsellors & counselling companies across India. ProTeen is a part of NEAT 2.0, an initiative by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and the Ministry of Education.

Psychometric Assessment

ProTeen offers the most reliable and scientifically relevant psychometric assessment to help high school and college students make the right choices at the right time.
ProTeen’s 3D Awareness Engine forms the core of our assessments with its methodology built on parameters of Aptitude, Multiple Intelligences, Personality, and Interests. These factors are combined with scientifically relevant principles to map students’ strengths and interests with their ideal career fit.

Career Demos

Career Demos and quizzes are a distinctive feature of ProTeen and was built to make academic and career journeys experiential and demonstrative with the power of technology and gamification. Career Demos break the norm of pulling students out of their homes for internships. Instead, they expose you to the realities of various careers from the comfort of your home and provide clear answers to all your doubts, fears, and queries about a career.

Stream & Career Recommendations

ProTeen leverages the power of its 3D Awareness Engine, based on awareness of self, the career landscape, and the right fit. This is coupled with scientifically accurate parameters of Aptitude, Multiple Intelligences, Personality, and Interest. Based on these critical factors, ProTeen provides comprehensive guidance to students in the form of stream and subject choices along with career recommendations. Each recommendation is thorough, detailed, and provides answers for every question that a student might have.

Personalized Report

ProTeen’s personalized report is designed to guide every student towards their perfect career. The comprehensive report offers a thorough solution that includes every detail and facet important to make a well-informed academic and career decision.
Personalized reports with detailed analytics, insights, and recommendations at any stage of a student’s life helps them make the right academic and career choices at the right time and finally, develop the perfect career path.

Career Counselling

ProTeen’s Career Experts are trained to analyse ProTeen assessment reports, listen, reflect, and understand thoroughly, before giving guidance and helping students develop a deeper understanding of themselves. These first steps are vital for formulating and executing an optimal academic path and career plan tailormade to fit each student perfectly.


From K-12 to higher education, their diverse solutions offer unmatched value. An essential partner for academic growth and progress.

Prof. S. Gupta Director-Creative Academy

Their comprehensive suite of educational solutions has enriched our institution's academic offerings beyond measure.

St. Mary’s School Principal

Their comprehensive learning solutions cater to diverse needs, fostering excellence across all levels.

Ms. Seema Vats Global High School

Innovative solutions, impeccable service. They understand education's dynamic needs and deliver excellence every time.

Dhiraj M. Dean Academics


ProTeen was envisioned and founded by UNIDEL as an integrated digital academic & career guidance platform to guide students through the process of identifying their true strengths and interests

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